Independent Living Products for AIP Baby Boomers

A term many Baby Boomers have begun talking about is: "Aging in Place" (AIP) - the concept that older adults can and should remain in the environment of their choice.

While this is a term familiar to the Baby Boomer generation, it's an idea that should be adopted by all Elderly folks - those of the Silver Generation, and those Seniors in their Golden Years.
image of an older couple
image of an elder couple having fun

The Importance of Independent Living!

The idea that living in one's home choice can be extended through the incorporation of universal design principles, telecare as well as other assistive products and technologies.
These methods include communication and engagement, health and wellness, home safety and security, learning and contribution, and products designed to bolster independent living.

I encourage you to step inside and see what we mean.

Independent Living is
once again easy!